Welcome to here! Edit

welcome to the official Cookie and the Globs Adventures wiki, it's neat

Rules Edit

  1. dont make random edits or delete pages or anything. i (oat) worked on them for longer than i should've and the way to undo edits is really confusing for some reason
  2. if you can add a page for something, add it! just try to make it in the same format as the other pages of that type
  3. tell me how to use this god awful editor please
  4. ok
  5. ok
  6. ok
  7. ok
  8. ok
  9. ok
  10. are rules 10
  11. sorry i just broke rule 1 -tzz
  12. nah its ok you can edit stuff but dont delete anything
  13. what does my rose do i need to know - grahma

haha grahma

wow ok making fun of my spelling 🙄

u know i did idiot get better at spelling

get better at living first dork

Characters Edit

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